I came to pottery when I was 60 and immediately wanted to make things on the wheel. When I started to learn how to throw I loved the correspondences with meditation - being grounded in the body, centring, the way the form is affected by the mind...


Several local potters, particularly Sonia Lewis,  Randella Handley, Emma Robertson and Matthew Blakely, have helped me tremendously develop my skills, but it's very much work in progress!  


This is where my pottery studio used to be, at the bottom of my garden.  I've recently moved to Marmalade Lane Cohousing, and am starting to work in the workshop space there, along with others.  See

If you like my pottery, and want something specific, do get in touch to see if I could make it for you.


I use two types of stoneware clay, and I make up most of the glazes myself.  I love the softness of matt glazes, but also sometimes use a mix of paint-on and made up glazes to give an interesting mix of colours and effects.  Wood ash sometimes goes in there too!  My wheel is a Shimpo Whisper and the kiln is electric.

The name 'Tejas Pots' comes from the 'tejas' part of my name Tejasvini, that I was given on my ordination as a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order.  It means fire, flame or transforming energy.  My civil name is Rosie Bell.