"Delighted with my hand crafted coffee mug. A speedy delivery and came well packaged. Many thanks."  Alev Elliott

"Tejasvini s pots reflect the deep sensitivity and gentleness that she is as a person.

I have followed her progress for seven years which have been a joy to behold. She has perfected her craft with the utmost dedication, which is now bearing fruit in the most lovely creations. I own one of her pots, which gives me joy everyday. Many thanks for being the true artist you are."  Emma Robertson 

"Tejasvini's pottery shines with a combination of the ethereal and the elemental that is unique to her journey as artist, and what she brings into her creations. The two mugs of I've been lucky to use every day remind me of sky, sea, earth and air, and overall a grounded spaciousness that is hard to put into words"

Sarvatajnana Deiringer